Great products can shift society and

Great products can shift society and

positively impact the planet.

positively impact the planet.

We help build them.

We help build them.

Mission driven

We are committed to investing in people and ideas that drive social and planetary impact. The world’s problems are ours to solve.


We don’t shy away from moonshot ideas – the bigger the better. But don’t mistake our boldness for a lack of judgment.


We build - not just invest - and will spend time on businesses and ideas that will move the needle.


We are guided by our values and challenge our partners to do the same. Our philosophy is aligned with the projects we back.


We build products that address the critical areas of human and planetary need and employ persuasive storytelling to accelerate adoption.

We love to collaborate with teams that have wide-scale societal change in their sights while being solid, sustainable organisations.

If you have a big idea that can positively impact society or the planet, we are here for you.

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